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CUMMINS Diesel Genertor Set

DESIGN SPECIFICATION : ■ High quality, reliable, long life and complte power unit ■ Compact design ■ Easy start and maintenance possiblility ■ every generator set is subjected to a comprehensive test programme which includes full load testing and checking and proving of all control and safety shut down fuctions testing ■ Full engineered with a wide range of options and accessories : Electrical, mechanical, soundproof canopy and on road trailer Cummins Brochure | Cummins

KIPOR Generator Set

Digital Generator Set Kipor is the first national back-up power supplier that develops the digital generator sets successfully. Compare with traditional generator sets, Kipor digital generator set features reliable output, compact structure and environmental-friendly design. Digital generator set got many patents, CE certification and EPA certification, which is an ideal back-up power equipment in the 21st century. Man Brochure

THE ‘RICHFORD’ Soundproof Box for Generator Set

THE ‘RICHFORD’ SOUNDPROOF BOX FOR GENERATORS SET. It’s designed for weather proof with low sound level, nice shape and economicalspace required. The advantages and more, make ‘RICHFORD’ soundproof box THE BEST CHOICE. Standard base frame manufactured from welded steel profile (made from sheet steel) and complate with rubber mounting. Body made from a selected sheet steel and painted in serval step., i,e. primer filter and top coat painting to get the highest standard demanded in